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G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

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G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

  • G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

Ningbo new macro hydraulic "brace" of the G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

The evening of September 4th, the G20 Hangzhou summit Gala "best memories in Hangzhou" in West Lake staged shock, from the moonlit night to Swan Lake, from the tea picking dance to the song of joy, from opera to ballet...... The actors dancing lightly in West Lake on the surface of the figure, the global audience was amazing. It is reported that, as the world's first 3000 square meters of G20 performance, the stage stage rotation and lifting hydraulic device is provided by Ningbo Zhenhai Xin Hong hydraulic company.


"The party is very successful, thank you for your power plant." 4 o'clock at 10 o'clock in the evening, Zhu Hongguo, the chairman of Ningbo Xin Hong Hydraulic Co., Ltd., who was sitting in front of the TV, received a sigh of relief after receiving the call from the organizers of the evening party.

The G20 Hangzhou summit Gala, a wonderful details are a group of beautiful ballet girl in outdoor dancing on the water surface, a complete interpretation of West Lake's "Swan Lake", lake and performer echoes, complement each other, the audience watching, wonder. Zhu Hongguo introduced that this is through the hydraulic power device to elevate the stage to the West Lake lake surface, let the actors only need to perform directly in the shallow West Lake water.


When he learned that the company will provide the power system for the G20 Hangzhou summit Gala stage, Zhu Hongguo very excited, this is the first stage in the domestic large-scale party held outdoor water, because the water beneath the stage in West Lake, and the stage to follow the actors' movements and swing, to give such a stage to provide power can not tolerate the slightest negligence, it is not easy. Compared with the other underwater stage in the world, the stage of the G20 party is difficult and challenging.


The stage rotation and lifting hydraulic devices are all underwater, while ensuring the quality of the performance, it is required that the quality of the water in West Lake will not be affected, and the bottom geology of the lake will not be destroyed. The complicated design and huge workload can be imagined. From March to the design of research and development, by June to complete the debugging, Zhu Hongguo has always been in the spirit of West Lake "the smallest impact, the environment more beautiful" effect.

In the face of such strict technical requirements, Zhu Hongguo and his team took more than 100 days, with the spirit of perseverance to overcome a technical difficulty, innovative use of water glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid to replace the traditional hydraulic oil, equipped with 2 main and auxiliary hydraulic power device, it can arbitrarily set movement angle, the stage in the regulations time arrival location actor. According to the organizers, the stage of a five minute song is in place less than a second.


It is reported that the new macro hydraulic product plan has also been successfully applied to Putuo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and other large-scale arts and crafts projects, which has been widely recognized and trusted by the industry.

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