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How to view the disadvantages of hydraulic motor technology correctly?

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How to view the disadvantages of hydraulic motor technology correctly?

Release date:2018-01-26 Author: Hits:

Compared with the advanced areas in the world, the technical level is still inadequate, and to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic fluid temperature must be maintained in a reasonable range, and the current technology is constantly breakthrough to support the rapid improvement of hydraulic mechanical performance of the power.The productivity level has also been greatly improved hydraulic winch, rotary device, in the process of hydraulic processing is very easy to cause leakage.Oil viscosity is affected by temperature. It is also the culprit of water pollution. Generally speaking, it can be summarized as the following parts.Therefore, this problem still cannot be effectively solved in a short time.

Pollution of the environment is well known, in the influence of hydraulic construction factors on the hydraulic winch, rotary device.The viscosity of oil is an important link, and the viscosity of oil to a large extent and temperature related to the hydraulic winch, rotary device, once the temperature appears drastic change is easy to lead to viscosity change.This is a very direct impact on the performance of the hydraulic system, hydraulic winch, rotary device, as far as the current hydraulic technology is concerned, this must be guaranteed.The damage to the environment has been considerable for many years.Domestic hydraulic machinery industry has been a larger growth of hydraulic winch, rotary device, there are still a lot of defects, but.

The production of a large amount of waste oil is not only the cause of fire, analysis, and the oil waste in the treatment technology research is still helpless.

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