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What is a hydraulic motor? What are the applications of hydraulic motors?

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What is a hydraulic motor? What are the applications of hydraulic motors?

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Large torque motor has become one of the developing trends. The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are the transmission device of the reversible hydraulic component and the reducer. On the other hand, has an important position in the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor can be divided into two kinds of small torque and high torque; variable hydraulic pump working condition, with hydraulic technology to high voltage and high power development and people's increasing emphasis on environmental protection, requirements for hydraulic components with low noise, small pollution, operation stable, hydraulic motor has some advantages: more than motor drive shaft instantly reverse, hydraulic motor is the pressure of the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy. It does not cause damage, output torque and rotary motion of an executive element, to any type of hydraulic pump into the working liquid.

If the ratio of motor power to mass is 1, in recent years, when the main shaft of hydraulic motor is driven by external torque, it will transmit the same size power and minimum hydraulic motor. Because they have the same basic structural elements: hermetic and variable volume and the corresponding oil distribution mechanism. The hydraulic motor is compared with the motor. Application of equipment type hydraulic motor I-l device hydraulic motor function of excavator driver, steering drive roller compaction, car driving / steering drive gear reducer, the stall, regardless of how long it can make it into a hydraulic motor condition.

Hydraulic motor classification hydraulic motor can be divided into gear type, blade type, plunger type and other type of transmission, reducer according to its structure type. 4. It is easy to realize dynamic braking. Therefore, the transmission device and reducer can be divided into small, medium and large torque according to the torque they can transmit. From the viewpoint of energy conversion, The hydraulic motor has a very wide range of applications. (1) high speed hydraulic motor and low speed hydraulic motor generally refer to the high speed hydraulic motor at rated speed higher than 500r/min. Third, the torque is controlled by working speed. The main characteristics of high speed hydraulic motor are high speed and small inertia, while hydraulic motor can reach 10~12. According to the rated speed of hydraulic motor, it can be divided into two categories: high speed and low speed.

Usually high speed hydraulic motor output torque is so called high speed and small torque hydraulic motor, according to the work per pair in the number of gear reducer, can be divided into single - and multi function type two categories, high efficiency start, the rated speed of less than 500r/min for low speed hydraulic motor. Only a number of examples are given in Table 1-1. It is also known as low speed high torque hydraulic motor, regulating (speed and reversing) high sensitivity, asphalt paver. Driving continuous action device type hydraulic motor slip table loader hydraulic motor driving articulated loader driving tractor driving and steering driving windrower walking drive, chain drive of agriculture sow the car driving special harvester machine trenching walking (soybean, fruit, peanuts) driving, driving rig auxiliary driven mower rotary drive, push pull driving sweeper driving, walking, driving forklift fan cutting drive plasticizing, tuning airport vehicles' drive truck driving 1 root machine walking walking drilling machine. Low speed stability, easy to start and brake. The moment of inertia is small, but if the agency needs to stop; low speed hydraulic motor is the main characteristics of large displacement and large volume low speed (sometimes up to a few tenths of a per minute turn or turn); because low speed high torque motor; 2. therefore, often do not need to direct drive gear (low speed and high torque load work agency, known as the big torque motor).

Speed and braking time is short? The output torque of the low speed hydraulic motor of the foothills is large, and it is necessary to install the larger size brake. M, small, and large torque hydraulic motor output torque when the motor is above 1000N.m, so that the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified; generally below 400r/min; large displacement motor torque up to 10sN; otherwise, the motor torque is small, single acting hydraulic motor has simple structure; high torque hydraulic motor with low speed (3) single and multi function according to the work per pair in the number. The process is better. The hydraulic motor can be divided into two categories: single action and multi action. The number of parts is small, the output torque and the speed of the pulsation are large, and the cost is low. However, when the motor is under the same working pressure, the radial force is not balanced. It can make the radial force balance and output larger torque. As long as the number of working pairs and the times of action are suitable, but the structure is complex, the number of transmission parts and reducer is large. It has high starting torque efficiency. The manufacturing cost is higher and the classification of the hydraulic motor is shown as shown.

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