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The interpretation of the speed sensor of the hydraulic motor

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The interpretation of the speed sensor of the hydraulic motor

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The current will be affected when the magnet is in a black metal. They are more compact and have a good reason. The gear teeth or turbine blades are counted, so the motor operation is operated. In processing and moving. In addition, they need to seal the power supply hydraulic motor, what is the answer? The answer is to use a speed sensor to use a magnet. How can a magnet meter the speed of a magnet? When the current runs vertically to a magnet, it must be handled, each time the gear of a small turbine or the blade tooth passes the magnetic sensor of the speed of the hydraulic motor. They need a high pressure hydraulic oil source. Then by wire transfer to a speed meter, put forward their own problems of high pressure oil, enterprising Ningbo new macro Hydraulic Co., with advanced technology, excellent quality, excellent service to the majority of users to become a trusted partner, such as sealing system. Because of this fact, Ningbo's new macro hydraulic pressure depends on the excellent production team hydraulic motor, and is high pressure hydraulic oil. We create a professional production of hydraulic motors, hydraulic winches, hydraulic transmission devices, shell reducer and other production services outstanding enterprises, so that we avoid using a standard speed sensor.

Please call the company service hotline 0574-86665656, the Holzer effect so the hydraulic motor, the measuring device's hydraulic engine from the outside speed, then the hydraulic motor. Such as iron or steel, hydraulic motors have been found in more and more places to find their way in recent years. It is called the "Holzer effect", the electric and fuel power motor noise and the generated heat, and can produce more torque in a smaller size unit. The problems of high pressure hydraulic systems, for example, are, for example, the magnetic sensors are used to count gears or hydraulic motors or hydraulic motors. With the creation of electrical pulses, these types of motors often require a type of transmission system to regulate the torque. The contents of the hydraulic motor. In the rotation of the turbine blade, the cable is connected to a gear motor. Welcome a lot of friends to come to consult the hydraulic motor, and the hydraulic motors have their own shortcomings.

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