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Oil analysis of the hydraulic system of excavator at high temperature and low temperature

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Oil analysis of the hydraulic system of excavator at high temperature and low temperature

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When the hydraulic winch starts to start, it is necessary to cover the heat dissipation system or reduce the heat dissipation area. Make the temperature rise most quickly. Or use a low - condensate antiwear hydraulic hydraulic motor. But it can not be high, 5, hydraulic oil selection of high temperature and other high performance oil products and high dip hydraulic oil (such as 68 hydraulic oil) 6, to avoid oil and low oil level. At this time, the performance and data of the excavator are stable and accurate, and they can not work normally.

Operation pilot valve, if high temperature should take corresponding measures. 1, ensure that the heat dissipation system of the hydraulic equipment is clean, and the operation is first half overflow condition. Cooling (cooling water, air cooling) hydraulic motor, then increase the engine speed about 1500 operation load actuator minimum makes it completely in the overflow condition, 2, hydraulic parts and related components, sealing surface cleaning system, internal leakage and internal orifice rationality 3, hydraulic oil tank with good air tightness, respirator normal breathing, 4, replacement of piping piping hole can not be less than the original pipe inner hole, pipe should not be too long or circle. 5, the hydraulic oil temperature above 10 degrees can carry out all the actions of the front end. When it is high temperature, it is more likely to generate bubbles and cause the cavitation erosion of the hydraulic system. 7, avoid the overflow of hydraulic system as much as possible during operation. (do warm up, do morning exercises) 6. The pressure setting value of the one-way valve is reasonable, followed by. When the hydraulic excavator is tested for standard performance, the oil temperature is 50 degrees 3.

Hydraulic oil tank pressure protection valve pressure setting value rationality hydraulic motor. If the outside temperature is -40 degrees. Then the oil temperature is the lowest 10 degrees. Hydraulic excavator performance test requirements in the standard temperature is 50 + 3 hydraulic motor, should take corresponding measures, 1, hydraulic oil temperature below 10 degrees after the start of automatic preheating (increasing the engine speed is about 1400), 2 hydraulic oil with viscosity lower (such as 46), and high performance products, the excavator performance and stable and accurate data. First, if the outside temperature is 40 degrees. 4, hydraulic oil temperature up to 5 degrees, the hydraulic motor, sufficient heat dissipation area, the radiator pressure unidirectional valve pressure setting value is reasonable. So the highest oil temperature should be up to 90 degrees, deep excavation, I think it is normal.

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