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The principle of reducer

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The principle of reducer

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The reducer is a kind of independent parts enclosed by a rigid shell gear, worm gear, gear - worm gear reducer, commonly used as a prime mover and work machine. It is widely used in modern machinery to match the speed and transfer torque between the original motive and the working machine or the actuator.

Reducer is generally used in driving equipment of low speed high torque hydraulic motor, the gear gear output shaft power motor, internal combustion engine or other high speed running through the reducer input shaft less number of teeth on the reducer to achieve the purpose of ordinary reducer will have several of the same principle to achieve the desired reduction gear effect the size, number of teeth of the gear ratio, the transmission ratio is.

The reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of the drive device is to reduce the speed and increase the torque.

Speed reducer, motor output speed ratio = output rotation ("speed" also known as "the transmission ratio")

1. know the torque and speed reducer output speed and coefficient for reducer with motor power formula: = 9550 * torque motor power, motor power input speed, speed ratio, coefficient

2. know the motor power and speed ratio and the coefficient for the following formula: torque reducer, reducer torque motor, motor power =9550 * * * use the power input speed ratio coefficient

It has a wide variety of types and different types, and different types of reducer have different uses. There are many types of reducer according to transmission type can be divided into gear reducer, worm reducer and planetary gear reducer; according to transmission series can be divided into single and multi-stage gear reducer; according to the shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and hydraulic winch cone - cylindrical gear reducer; according to the arrangement of transmission and can be divided into the expansion type, shunt type and coaxial reducer.

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