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Analysis of the development prospect of the reducer industry in 2017: the downstream industry promotes development

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Analysis of the development prospect of the reducer industry in 2017: the downstream industry promotes development

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Analysis of the development prospect of the reducer industry in 2017: the downstream industry promotes development

After a long period of development and development of the market, it has gradually evolved into a leading force to cover the market of our country, and the speed reducer shows the vitality of the world. The development prospects of the reducer industry in 2017 are concerned, and the following will be introduced through the promotion of the downstream industry.

With the rapid development of domestic economy in recent years, the export volume of heavy machinery industry is increasing. As an important basic industry, the reducer industry is developing very fast. The reducer enterprises are expanding the production and marketing scale, and the processing ability and technical level are continuously improving. The future of the market for the reducer will be a good one.

Benefiting from the deepening of industrialization and urbanization and the attention of the state to the machinery manufacturing industry, the reducer industry is one of the basic equipment industries in China. At the same time, China's economic development has entered a period of deep adjustment, and the reducer industry has also entered the transformation and upgrading.

As a necessary transmission equipment in the modern construction, the reducer is used in various industries.

The downstream application industry of the reducer mainly includes various fields, such as lifting transportation, cement building materials, heavy mines, metallurgy, power and aviation, and other national economic and defense industries. Because the downstream market is awesome, optimistic about the development prospects of reducer industry in China, concrete analysis is as follows:

1. The demand for reducer in heavy transportation equipment industry

China's heavy transportation equipment manufacturing industry is facing a good opportunity for development. The accelerated implementation of urbanization has created huge demand for machinery and equipment for urban infrastructure construction, which has created a good macro environment for the development of lifting transport equipment manufacturers.

The lifting equipment is the most widely used industry, the development speed of this industry directly affects the speed of the demand growth of the reducer. It is estimated that during the period of 12th Five-Year, China's lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum, and benefit from this, the demand for reducer will also be effectively pulled.

2, the demand prospect of the reducer in the cement machinery industry

Cement machinery is an important industry to revitalize the cement industry. With the state's policy support for infrastructure construction and the intensified macro-control of cement industry, the market demand for cement machinery will grow wider, and the cement machinery industry will develop in a more reasonable direction. Reducer is the second major class of general mechanical equipment used in cement machinery. Its urban scene will continue to go along with the strong demand of cement machinery industry.

3. The demand for speed reducer in metallurgical machinery industry

In recent years, under the guidance of the national macro-control, the iron and steel industry strictly controls the total capacity, quicken the elimination of backward production capacity and strictly control the new production capacity. After a long and extensive expansion, iron and steel industry urgently need to accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. This adjustment has brought challenges to metallurgical heavy machinery manufacturing industry, especially high technology high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and also brought market opportunities.

In general, the opportunity is greater than the challenge. During the "12th Five-Year", the environmental protection and large and efficient iron and steel smelting equipment will usher in a new round of rapid growth. As an important supporting product of metallurgical equipment, the demand for the reducer in metallurgical equipment will also be effectively pulled.

4. The demand prospect of the reducer in the robot industry

The robot industry is the most popular industry at the moment, and the space for development is not to be said much. The precision reducer is the most important functional component in the industrial robot, and it is an important application link of the industrial chain of the robot.

According to the authoritative department of the state, from 2015 to 2018, the new demand of industrial robots for reducer will reach 236 thousand sets, 296 thousand sets, 369 thousand sets and 462 thousand sets respectively. Besides, for the industrial robots that are kept in the domestic market, the market demand for precision reducers will exceed 1 million units in the next 8~10 years, and the annual market sales will exceed 10 billion yuan.

According to the prospect of 2016-2021 China reducer industry market supply and demand report released China hall prediction depth research report shows that the effect of China's macro-economic policy behavior and infrastructure investment to continue to strengthen, will drive substantial growth in demand for power metallurgy, reducer, construction machinery and other industries.

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