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Free drop belt clutch winch

Free drop belt clutch winch

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  • Release date:2018/01/15
Detailed description

Ningbo new macro Hydraulic Co. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer in Ningbo, specializing in the production of hydraulic winch, specializing in the production of hydraulic winch, with its high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high bearing capacity and bearing installation system, simple, long service life, good economy is widely applied in all kinds of lifting specializing in the production of marine equipment; hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch for mine hoist, lifting, rotating stage, open the special hydraulic winch hydraulic winch.

Main production: Marine winch, marine mooring winch, lifting winch, crane winch, stage special winch, free down hydraulic winch, inside and outside winch, and can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the special requirements of customers. Our winch can provide CCS ship inspection certificate and French BV ship inspection certificate. The company adopts advanced technology, technology and strict management, and strives for perfection. It lays the foundation for the birth of quality products.

Our company seeks quality first, professional technical team, professional after-sale service, welcome you to visit and consult.

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