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Ningbo xinhong hydraulic co. LTD is located in beautiful scenery, outstanding people of the coastal city -- Ningbo city.

The famous Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Ningbo Lishe International Airport and deepwater harbor Beilun port we provides convenienttraffic conditions and the us into the metropolis ofShanghai economic circle.

Company R & D, design. manufacturing, sales of a dragon service based, specializing in the production ofhydraulic motor, transmission device, hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch, hydraulic system, domestic Varieties of the most fullspecifications, most of the hydraulic motor manufacturers and domestic ship deck machinerysupporting top ten enterprises.

Has a modern standard plant and the German DMG five axis turning milling composite center. the United 5tates, the fiveaxis milling composite center and more than 30 sets of high precision, advanced processing equipment and testing equipment2007 passed CCS quality management system certification;ISO9001:2008 certification in 2010 throughthe.@ BVcertification;1514425008414783[1].jpg

in 2012, the national high-tech enterprises; 2012bear the national science and technology innovation fund with the special  fund forsmall and mediumenterprises'project;

2013 Ningbo Enterprise Engineering Technology Center.

'Ningbo XinHong hydraulic motor engineering (Technology)center'; 2014 bear the national TorchProgram industrial demonstration project; 2013 through safety productionstandardization of enterprises (machinery) review work; 2014through safety production standardization  three enterprises(Mechanical) review; 2015;

Zhe jiang Province Industrial andcommercial administrative bureau; Zhejiang province; China.Company has with China Coal Research Institute Shanghai 8 ranch Hydraulic Research Institute established 'hydraulicmotor type test chamber and hydraulic motor Typetest Taiwan", and Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physicsestablished "solid lubricating Coatings specialist Laboratoryfor hydraulic motor activity components surface bonded solidlubricating coatings,and Ningbo materials research, ChineseAcademy of Sciences jointly developed" hydraulic motorroller wear resistant surface coating development • project.

Company in terms of independent intellectual property rightshas been authorized by the state 4 invention patents, utilitymodel patents. 16, is the publicity of the patent 20 items.Company vision "to do China's leading hydraulic motormanufacturer"


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