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Radial installation of hydraulic motor blade installation

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Radial installation of hydraulic motor blade installation

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Its speed is determined by the flow rate of the input hydraulic motor. Because of the pressure oil, the unbalanced force on the rotor torque, output torque and hydraulic motor hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor oil outlet pressure difference between the blade root, in order to make generic always pressure oil, therefore should set the preload spring at the blade root at low speed instability. The blade type hydraulic motor for high speed, small torque and motion requirements of sensitive occasions one-way valve should be in the path back to the oil pressure chamber, the ordinary blade root, in order to ensure that the vane hydraulic motor in oil pressure after people start, must be at the top of the blade and the inner surface of the stator in close contact, to ensure good the seal, so vane type hydraulic motor to be positioned radially. The blade type hydraulic motor is small in volume and small in moment of inertia. The action is sensitive and can be applied to the occasion with high commutation frequency. But the leakage is large, because the hydraulic motor is generally required to be positive and reverse.

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