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Hydraulic motor company

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Hydraulic motor company

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Can meet the needs of different customers and different working conditions.At the same time the company by the local government awarded the "science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises and patent demonstration enterprise", the company by hydraulic motor as power source, the famous hangzhou bay bridge and deepwater harbor beilun port, ningbo airport, derive the hydrostatic drive, hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch, rotated speed reducer, three-ring reducer, hydraulic system and a series of products

The company specializes in the production of low speed large torque hydraulic motor.It is the hydraulic motor manufacturer with the most complete varieties and the largest specifications in China. It has been widely used in wind power generation, hydraulic power generation, engineering machinery, petroleum, coal mine, shipping, metallurgy, agriculture, military industry and other industries, and has a strong professional innovative research and development team

At present, the company has passed iso9001:2008 quality system certification.And has been exported to Russia, the Middle East, Singapore, India and other countries and regions, the company and the Chinese academy of coal sciences Shanghai branch hydraulic institute cooperation to establish hydraulic motor research institute and hydraulic motor test laboratory.The production of domestic best hydraulic motor gradually reached the same quality level of foreign motor laid a solid technical foundation, the company to "new macro products, unlimited quality, relying on a strong technical design platform, the company has 15 new products every year included in the ningbo municipal new product plan.Choose new macro, choose peace of mind "for the purpose.At present, the company has more than 10 independent invention patents and utility model patents, in the "build China famous brand, and obtained the" national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund "project approval certificate.In September 2012, it was awarded as "national high-tech enterprise".The pursuit of world-class quality "on the road of continuous efforts.

The company mainly produces XHM (five star motor) series, XHS (five star motor) series, and XHCA (curve motor) series specification motor.Ningbo, a famous coastal city, provides domestic and foreign customers with "the best quality, the best service and the most favorable price" products.With a modern standard plant and a large number of high-precision, advanced processing equipment and testing instruments, the production of Marine hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch and hydraulic transmission has been China classification society (CCS), France classification society (BV).The output value of new products exceeds 65%.

"With its own brake shell to speed reducer" project was included in the national Ministry of Science and Technology "innovation fund list", ningbo xinhong hydraulic co., ltd. is located in beautiful scenery.Provide us with convenient traffic conditions, the company's hydraulic technology research center was identified by the ningbo municipal government as "city key engineering technology center."

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