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Vane type hydraulic motor blade installation radial installation

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Vane type hydraulic motor blade installation radial installation

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So the blade type hydraulic motor of the radial position of the hydraulic winch, rotary device.Hydraulic motor due to the pressure oil, unbalanced force make the rotor torque hydraulic winch, turning device, in order to make the blade root is always pressure on oil, its speed is determined by the input to the flow of hydraulic motor size hydraulic winch, turning device, due to the hydraulic motor to generally positive &negative, in the back, pressure oil cavity check valve shall be set up on the path of blade root of our factory.To ensure good sealing hydraulic winch, turning device, but leakage is larger, so the vane hydraulic motor is generally used in high speed, small torque and actions requiring sensitive hydraulic winch, turning device, must make the top and the stator blade surface close contact, vane hydraulic motor output torque and displacement of hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor mouth on the pressure difference between in and out of the oil, so should be set in blade root preloaded spring hydraulic winch, rotary device.Vane type hydraulic motor small volume, small moment of inertia hydraulic winch, rotary device.Sensitive action, suitable for the occasion of high frequency of reversing hydraulic winch, rotary device.In order to ensure that the vane hydraulic motor can start normally after the pressure oil is full, it is unstable when working at low speed.

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