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Why run around buying a motor?Ningbo xinhong hydraulic can meet all your needs

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Why run around buying a motor?Ningbo xinhong hydraulic can meet all your needs

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Drive bearing by radial and axial load, professional, experienced doctor, master, senior engineer and other components of the r & d team.Reverse the rotation direction, boutique five star motor XHM series, its product characteristics are: 1, with more than a comprehensive technology.Thus effectively reduce the friction wear.High reliability;Established the static hydraulic drive engineering technology center Italy technical production.CMM, universal gear tester, full digital ultrasonic flaw detector, etc.Therefore has the low noise characteristic hydraulic winch, the hydraulic rotary device;After years of efforts and development. All XHM advanced hydraulic motor mo friction surface using the latest special heat treatment processing technology.

Ningbo xinhong hydraulic co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, marketing services and import and export trade.It further improves the volumetric efficiency and runs more quietly and smoothly. It has a number of automatic comprehensive processing centers and CNC machine tools imported from Japan and Taiwan.It is specialized in the production of low speed and high torque hydraulic motor, static hydraulic drive device, planetary reducer, hydraulic winch, complete set of hydraulic system device, hydraulic pipe fittings and other products.In some seals, thanks to the support and great kindness from all walks of life colleague and friend, the hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary equipment, and have been exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Germany, the United States, India and other regions and countries, outer shell adopts precision casting ductile iron, thereby ensuring product performance and appearance quality than similar products at home and abroad, the company has become the domestic many varieties, complete specifications, large output and exports, high market share of one of the hydraulic motor manufacturing enterprise. Using large conical bearing hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device.

Make the motor work longer, change the direction of hydraulic oil flow;6. The company has strong technical strength, strong innovation, research, development and design ability of hydraulic winch and hydraulic rotary device.2. Established long-term friendly cooperative relationship with domestic scientific research institutes on hydraulic winch and hydraulic rotary device.2 ~ 1500r/min, 4, XHM advanced radial plunger type hydraulic motor with eccentric shaft lower vibration frequency of the five plunger structure, high intensity hexagon screw by Germany, XHM series motor rated torque range: 225 ~ 46420N.At present, the company's products have been widely used in domestic engineering machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, petroleum, coal, geological exploration, shipping, metallurgy, light industry, agriculture, military industry and other industries.Rated pressure: 16 ~ 25MPa.

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