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New macro hydraulic project won national innovation fund

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New macro hydraulic project won national innovation fund

Release date:2017-12-22 Author: Hits:

The marine hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch and hydraulic transmission unit produced by the company has been approved by China Classification Society (CCS), French Classification Society (BV) and Norway Classification Society (DNV), and the hydraulic rotary device is also certified. The hydraulic motor engineering (Technology) center established by the new Hong hydraulics and the Hydraulic Research Institute of Shanghai branch of Chinese Academy of coal science has been declared the hydraulic hoist and hydraulic rotary device of the Municipal Engineering Center. Study on the two units of hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor co founded the testing laboratory for the production of excellent domestic hydraulic motor and gradually achieve the same level of foreign motor quality and lay a solid technical foundation of hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device, the hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device.

At present, the company has 22 hydraulic windmills (built in brakes), a hydraulic motor (XHS), a hydraulic winch (clutch type double drum), and other appearance patent hydraulic winches, and a hydraulic rotary device. Swing cylinder hydraulic motor, a manual belt brake, a winch rope device 7 utility model patents, final drive pin type speed reducer, a planetary gear and bevel gear with the transmission device, a planetary gear reducer 8 patents are public stage hydraulic winch. Hydraulic rotary device. The new macro hydraulic pressure of the "technological innovation enterprise" by the district government is now actively declaring the hydraulic winch and the hydraulic rotary device of the national high and new technology enterprises.

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