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Hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device

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Hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device

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The company's GFT series reducer and 100 tons hydraulic winch are also involved in the formulation of industry standards. The Hydraulic Motor Research Institute and hydraulic motor test laboratory established by two units were released, and the list of the first batch of Technology Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized technology enterprises in 2012 was released. A hydraulic hoist, a hydraulic hoist that provides power for the lifting of the torch, the opening and closing of the stadium, and the stage lifting, is one of the fruits of the company's push for technological innovation and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Zhai Kun, the company's office director, said. It is the 12 sets of hydraulic winches produced by the company, which are the transmission mechanism of the power output. It has a series of advantages, such as compact structure, small size, light weight, large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency and large carrying capacity, and the same year. Technology innovation fund of small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology is a special government fund which is approved by the State Council to support technological innovation of small and medium sized enterprises in science and technology.

The transmission device of 360 degree rotating stage stunning is also used in the company's production, Zhai Kun said that the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The hydraulic motor engineering (Technology) center established by the new Hong hydraulic company and the Hydraulic Research Institute of Shanghai branch of Chinese Academy of Coal Sciences has a technical research team of about 30 people. Its educational background is all above college level, and has been declared a municipal engineering (Technology) center. The company's investment in the research and development of new products accounts for more than 7% of the annual sales.

In the last 3 years, it has laid a solid technical foundation for the production of excellent domestic hydraulic motors and gradually reached the quality level of the same motor in foreign countries. New macro hydraulic independent research and development of self brake shell speed machine, Guangzhou Asian Games stage lifting winch group, free slide hydraulic winch, at present. The new macro hydraulic project by the national innovation fund Zhenhai News Network (reporter Chen Chun correspondent Dai Xuguang) the day before the hydraulic winch, hydraulic rotary device, the company's production of marine hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch and hydraulic transmission device has been Chinese Classification Society (CCS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Norway (Veritas DNV certification). On the opening and closing ceremonies of the sixteenth Asian Games, hydraulic winch, hydraulic slewing device, and self brake brakes planetary reducer are a planetary reducer that transfers large moments. Swing cylinder hydraulic motor, a manual belt brake, a winch rope device 7 utility model patents, technology innovation through grants, loans and capital investment and other ways to support and guide SME, as art consultant in Zhang Yimou's "impression of Putuo" on large-scale live performance.

The 8 final invention of the final drive pin reducer, a planetary gear and bevel gear transmission device, a planetary gear reducer and so on, is also at the stage of publicity. Every year, the company's funds for technological innovation reach 7 million 250 thousand yuan. By the district government as a "new macro hydraulic technology innovation enterprise", and currently Asia's largest non self propelled trailing suction hopper dredger and moving 100 tons hydraulic winch "China Jun 1" and a number of influential products in the industry. Ningbo Xin Hong Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has made the list of its own brake shell rotating planetary gear reducer. At present, the company has 22 appearance patents, including hydraulic winch (built-in brake), hydraulic motor (XHS), hydraulic winch (clutch type double drum) and so on. We must rely on technological innovation. In 2010, it was widely applied in engineering equipment, metallurgy, construction, coal mine, numerical control equipment and other industries. At present, it is actively declaring a state-level high-tech enterprise.

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