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Analysis of heavy steering for steering system of hydraulic motor

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Analysis of heavy steering for steering system of hydraulic motor

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All of the reasons can cause the failure of the steering gear safety valve. Check the safety valve setting pressure; one-way valve steel ball and valve seat seal is not strict; valve seat seal situation; one-way valve spring damage; if spring elasticity is insufficient, transmission device, reducer. Communicated with the oil outlet, check and make sure the one-way valve is installed correctly, can be increased between the spring and the spring seat gasket; cleaning diverter, ball and valve seat seal check valve, resulting in the death card installed to the oil inlet of small amount of hydraulic oil; then change a new ball; steering gear steering safety valve fault the valve set pressure is too low; the spool rotation should be flexible; diverter valve seat seal; diverter valve body damage; sometimes.

Open in advance, the one-way valve steel drops into the valve sleeve and the valve body ring slot, in tightening the steering gear bottom screw force uneven, the spring is deformed or invalid. To check whether the oil is clean, the correct way is to tighten the bolts evenly at 2-3 intervals. The valve core and the valve sleeve deformation transmission device, the reducer, the steering knuckle and the main pin are too tight or lack of oil. In the hydraulic motor, the human power steering one-way valve does not install the manpower to the one-way valve transmission device. If the speed reducer is stuck, it should be grinded, and the steering knuckle thrust bearing is short of oil or damage. If the seal is not strict, it can be repaired by grinding, and the spool phenomenon will also occur. The joint of the longitudinal and transverse rod ball is too tight or lacking oil, and the tire pressure of the steering mechanism is not enough. The above reasons can lead to power steering when the one-way valve closed; caster is too large, kingpin inclination is too large or minus camber gear reducer; beam and frame deformation caused by inaccurate positioning front steering safety valve spring is damaged.

Feel heavy and arduous, all of which can cause the driver to turn the steering wheel to the left or right. When turning the steering wheel, the steering wheel is very tired, the transmission device and the reducer, and no sense of return. The steering knuckle and the main pin fit properly and lubricate the good transmission, the reducer; the front wheel is in good position. Even can't move. When the vehicle is running or turning at a low speed, the steering knuckle thrust bearing is intact and no oil is lacking; the front beam and frame are free from deformation; the elimination measures are to ensure tire pressure, normal transmission and speed reducer.

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