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Cycloid hydraulic motor, in the use of the process worthy of attention

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Cycloid hydraulic motor, in the use of the process worthy of attention

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When the chain is moving or in a tensioned state, no one shall stand on (across) the conveyor and shall be connected to the atmosphere.Do not stand in a dangerous place directly opposite the nose or tail of the aircraft.Before the start of the tight chain must inform all the working face, the opening pressure of all kinds of valves and scraper matching, in principle is not allowed to adjust, if really need to adjust.Maximum recommended adjustment amount does not exceed twenty percent of the original, otherwise once the chain from the chain nest will endanger people's life in the hydraulic motor tight chain gear meshing and release before operation and in the process of tight chain, 5 mpa, but secondary pressure reducing valve (2 mpa) for brake pressure is not allowed to unilaterally adjust, must confirm the motor atresia, otherwise will cause the damage of the hydraulic motor.

Otherwise it will cause equipment damage and casualties transmission device, speed reducer, the inventory count this cycloid hydraulic motor in practical need to pay attention to some problems: hydraulic motor exhaust pipe required by the company are not allowed to access to the hydraulic pipeline transmission device, speed reducer. Not too big, when used in hydraulic motor drive, speed reducer.Always pay attention to the tension degree of the chain, each adjustment amount does not exceed 0 transmission device, reducer.

Otherwise the chain will break.Cause equipment damage and casualties.To ensure that the hydraulic control valve stop function.When tightening the chain transmission, reducer, also need to have a lot of things to pay attention to.

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