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What is a mooring winch

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What is a mooring winch

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In accordance with the function, the winch can be divided into marine winch, engineering winch, mine winch, cable winch and other transmission devices, and reducer. Marine winch can be divided into: mooring winch, winch, winch, winch and other gear reducer. The mooring winch designed and manufactured by Ningbo Xin Hong Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is exquisite and durable. Good performance drive, reducer. According to the form of reel, it can be divided into single drum and double reel drive, reducer.

It is one of the largest manufacturers of mooring winches in China. The ship berthing mooring winch is in the same boat stopping or parking can run effectively. And has many functions such as the drift, support and positioning functions during loading and unloading, deviation of the transmission device, at the same time to adjust the constant tension compensation of vibration reducer, shore installation for mooring winch berthing, loading or unloading is the constant tension adjusting characteristics of the application. The winch is divided into three types according to the power: manual, electric and hydraulic. The mooring winch is mooringwinch, which is a transmission device of the winch. According to the drum distribution, the drawworks are divided into two parallel reel and front and rear double drum, transmission device, reducer, high cost performance.

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