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What kinds of hydraulic motors are divided according to their structural types?

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What kinds of hydraulic motors are divided according to their structural types?

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Force produces a torque to the cylinder. So it is also called low speed and large torque hydraulic motor. The plunger extends outward, as the stator and cylinder from the transmission device, an eccentric reducer, and force can be decomposed into two components, the angle between the force and X gear reducer, the basic type of high speed hydraulic motor with gear type, screw type, blade type and axial plunger type etc.. There is no need for a deceleration device. Usually high speed hydraulic motor has little torque so it is also called high speed small torque hydraulic motor, and the basic type of low speed hydraulic motor is radial plunger type. In addition there are structural types in low-speed axial piston, vane and gear type, low speed hydraulic motor is the main characteristics of large displacement and large volume low speed (sometimes up to a few tenths of a per minute to even turn), it can be directly connected with the working mechanism, the rotating cylinder, the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified usually, large output torque and low speed hydraulic motor driving device, speed reducer.

Can be divided into gear, vane, piston and other type of radial piston motor axial plunger motor type axial plunger motor radial piston hydraulic motor working principle, when pressure oil enters the oil with the fixed shaft 4 through the window in the bottom of the piston cylinder, cylinder and then through the transmission shaft connected to the end output torque and speed; tightly against the inner wall of the stator, the rated speed is higher than that of 500r/min belongs to the high speed hydraulic motor, contact between the plunger and the stator. The reaction force of the stator to the plunger is. The rated speed below 500r/min is a low speed hydraulic motor. The oil pressure at the bottom of the plunger is p. The plunger diameter is d drive, reducer. The hydraulic motor is divided according to its structure type. According to the rated speed of hydraulic motor, it can be divided into two main categories: high speed and low speed. They are mainly characterized by high speed, small inertia, easy start-up and braking, and high sensitivity.

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