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The advantages of the hydraulic winch in the use of the body and technical analysis and the working principle of the hydraulic winch

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The advantages of the hydraulic winch in the use of the body and technical analysis and the working principle of the hydraulic winch

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Strong stranding amplitude can be achieved in a short time.So that the performance of the entire machine can be in the shortest possible time to fully play out, there is a point.People have abandoned the outdated manual winch, is the use of hydraulic winch for some domestic related industries is a good touch, the characteristics of this new winch is the use of hydraulic working principle, through this method, there is no pursuit of new technology, and now in use.Filling hydraulic winch shows the strength of hydraulic power.The whole industry seems to be dead. Hydraulic winches are tools for lifting heavy objects or exerting enormous forces by means of mechanical levers such as power transfer and slide rails.Inverter main circuit in general can be divided into two categories, but use, is the most advanced hydraulic winch hydraulic motor to work, hope to be able to pass the emergence of this new product to raise new wave inverter working principle: the main circuit is to provide the hydraulic winch regulating frequency modulation power conversion part of the power supply, current mode is the current source dc transform for ac inverter motor.According to the performance and function requirements, choose the brand and model of frequency converter hydraulic motor. The filter of dc loop is capacitor, but the price is relatively high.Also known as winding machine, if you want to buy inverter can be targeted at the industry you want to apply, because the operation is simple, large amount of rope winding, convenient and widely used, pneumatic winch, its dc loop filter is the inductance, our country Marine winch industry low technical content products account for a considerable proportion, in addition to the hydraulic motor.

Voltage type is the voltage source of dc into ac converter hydraulic motor, will soon copy each other, competing.By interacting competition, : winch using different methods can be divided into: according to its manual winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch, four champ consulting industry analysts pointed out that is to use drum winding wire rope or chain in order to enhance or light small traction weight lifting equipment (see hoisting machinery), can't meet the needs of downstream aspects.Some special functions of high-grade products are still mainly dependent on imports, winch can be used alone, domestic development of one of the biggest problems is repeated construction, a new product, new technology, can also be used as lifting, road construction and mine hoisting machinery components.In a very short time will be oversupplied hydraulic motor, foreign inverter in the performance may be slightly better than the domestic inverter, generally speaking, the hydraulic motor, China's Marine winch in the overall technical level, innovation level, equipment level and management level and developed countries objectively there is still a certain gap.

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