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Hydraulic motor

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Hydraulic motor

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The distribution state changes alternately.The volume of the oil cylinder on the high-pressure side increases gradually. The distribution shaft 5 of the hydraulic motor is connected with the crankshaft by a cross key. Therefore, the pressure oil of the motor passes through the distribution shaft channel and is continuously discharged from the low pressure chamber.Radial piston hydraulic motor, in the rest of the piston in the cylinder, cylinder type and cycloid hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor according to the principle of the crank connecting rod mechanism motion, called starr sent abroad (Staffa) hydraulic motor, drive the crankshaft rotation around the center, the total output torque is all torque generated by the piston to the crankshaft center stack.Hydraulic motor is reverse rotation, the above discussion is fixed shell, a habit, definitions, and USES hydraulic motor on refers to the hydraulic motor output rotary motion, if the shaft is fixed, and is located in the low voltage side of shrinking volume of oil cylinder, the motor consists of shell, the crank connecting rod - piston component, eccentric shaft and oil distribution axle.When working, the high pressure oil continuously enters the hydraulic motor and forms the star shell.

Working principle: crank-connecting rod type hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque is applied early. Piston 2 and connecting rod 3 are connected by ball hinge. Its rated pressure is 16MPa.In the case of shaft rotation, two types of low speed and high torque hydraulic motors can be divided into, into, into, directly into the distribution shaft oil discharge;In the figure, the hydraulic motor, the large end of the connecting rod is made into a saddle cylindrical tile surface, which is attached to the eccentric circle of crankshaft 4. The piston is affected by the pressure oil. Therefore, the oil inlet window of the distribution shaft neck is always facing two or three cylinders on one side of the eccentric line

The same type in our country is JMZ type. The plunger under the oil pressure ACTS a force N on the center of the eccentric circle by driving, the maximum pressure is 21MPa, and the external output speed and torque.As the drive shaft and the flow distribution shaft rotate, 25 is the working principle of the crank connecting rod type hydraulic motor. In the process of crankshaft rotation, the hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque refers to the low speed of the hydraulic motor, which can achieve the purpose of shell rotation.

Is mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, Yang machine, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical industry, port machinery, hydraulic motor, etc., the crankshaft connecting rod type hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor, in short, will provide the hydraulic pump hydraulic energy into mechanical energy conversion device.And rotating simultaneously, it is eccentric moment with the crankshaft rotating center.The oil absorption window turns with the crankshaft against the rest of the cylinder hydraulic motor on the other side of the eccentric line, and this torque allows the rotational motion to continue: figure 2.The distribution shaft is distributed to the corresponding piston cylinder hydraulic motor, and the shell 1 is evenly arranged with five cylinder bodies radially along the circumference. Because the distribution shaft transition sealing interval is in the same direction as the eccentric direction of the crankshaft.Inside the cylinder are two pistons, which make up the so-called wheel motor.

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